The transformation of Oshodi

“Oshodi is the interface between time and the interchange between destinations; the meeting space for people between places, the living stage where a collage of scenes are acted and played out without a script. Oshodi is the playwright´s envy, the planner´s blurred vision, the administrator´s ineptitude and a police nightmare; the pick pocket´s dream, the lay-about´s vineyard, the transporter´s gambling arena for time and passenger, and the jousting space for sellers and buyers.” David Aradeon

That´s how David Aradeon, architect in Lagos an longtime urban researcher of the city described the situation at at the Oshodi market. Oshodi lies at the interchange of the Agege Motorroad and the Apapa Oworonshoki expressroad, two major roads with each 6 to ten lanes. Through the site also runs the Lagos railway line, paralleling the Agege Motor road. Until 2009 Oshodi was a place which gave prevalent forces of the urban field a visible appearance. Oshodi was not only a site it was a device for urban development.

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