Dadaab Refugee Camp, Kenya, Africa

Gunnar Ploner was assistant supervisor of the diploma project Dadaab Refugee Camp at the Institute of Design – Prof. Stefano de Martino at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Innsbruck. Students: Benjamin Eberl and Andreas Hertscheg. The project seeks to improve living conditions within the Dadaab refugee camp – the largest refugee camp in Africa. The work critically investigates the present situation and develops an urban design proposal based on establishing a productive landscape strategy. For further informations please contact dadaab-refugee-camp_development_gunnar-ploner_04 dadaab-refugee-camp_development_gunnar-ploner_02 dadaab-refugee-camp_development_gunnar-ploner_05 dadaab-refugee-camp_development_gunnar-ploner_03 dadaab-refugee-camp_development_gunnar-ploner_01

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