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Featured Work in the publication Glatt – From Suburb to City by the ETH Zürich




Gunnar Ploners work for the future urban development of the metropolitean region of Zurich is featured in the book Glatt – From Suburb to City by the ETH Zurich. The work was developed in the course of  the ETH Summer Academy.

LURG receives Stadtpotenziale Award of the City of Innsbruck


The Stadtpotenziale Award is an annually award granted by the City of Innsbruck focusing on projects addressing social and cultural issues of urban space within Innsbruck.

The project was developed by the design team Stefan Brabetz, Gerald Haselwanter and Gunnar Ploner.

Guest Critic at Studio Karen Lohrmann Environments and Organizations | Abandonment

environments_karen lohrmann

Gunnar Ploner is invited guest critic to the final presentation of the Studio of Karen Lohrmann at the Faculty of Architecture in Innsbruck.

Course description: Abandonment is a multifaceted phenomenon, heavily denied if not undefined. This seminar studies the notion of abandonment as the result of urban, cultural and social flux. Touching on issues of entropy, decay and devaluation in the context of the humanities, geography, cultural and urban studies, the seminar seeks to highlight a currently most actual phenomenon of our cultural landscapes. Cross-disciplinary research will set the framework for direct and applied translations as (re)action, adaption and transformation in locations to be identified during the process of the semester.

Course objective: Environments are an art form. As such environments are rooted in North American mid-century art movements such as Pop Art and Happenings. Environments combine an artistic action or installation with a space, surrounding or location. This course will focus on the locational and the thematic, or critical, of Environments. We will review the origin of this movement and juxtapose its effect, message and manifestations with actual tendencies in spatial practices.

LURG @ Mongolia

LURG is commissioned for the urban research of the rapidly growing urban landscape of Ulaan Baator, Mongolia and the design study for a 200 meter high rise building.

The design of the building seeks to respond to the social, cultural and economic challenges this complex urban environment has generated within the last years.

From Suburb to City – LURG @ DARCH, ETH Zürich

Gunnar Ploner has been selected to participate in the International Summeracademy at the DARCH, ETH Zürich.

The process of suburbanisation seems to be advancing unstoppably. A faceless, anonymous mesh of settlements is spreading itself around the old core cities. Do we really want to continue this destruction of one of our most important resources, the landscape, and of one of our most important cultural achievements, the city? The International Summer Academy Zurich poses a central question: how can we condense the agglomerations to form a city, while preserving landscape spaces?

LURG @ University of Stuttgart. Highspeed Urbanism/ Dynamic Urban Landscapes

Gunnar Ploner has been invited to the Institute of Urban Design, University of Stuttgart. In his talk he will discuss urban phenomena of highspeed urban environments and dynamic urban landscapes showing case studies of Lagos, Nigeria.

Gunnar Ploner among the best selected projects of The Greatest Grid Competition.

The project `In Grid we Trust` has been selected among the best projects of `The Greatest Grid´competition. More details following soon.

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