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Gunnar Ploner has been invited to teach at the AA Visiting School in Izmir, Turkey. The Project Mittelmeerland has been initiated by Medine Altiok and Stephanie Tunka.

The focus of the project lies on the investigation of the urban development of the metropolitan region of Izmir and its relation to Mediterranean Sea and other Mediterranean port cities. The project will study the dynamic territory of Izmir’s coastline, the renewal of the current industrial port, the planning of the new port and the mutual dependencies of land and water along the coast. The project analyses existing conditions and seeks to generate a snapshot of the current urban landscape.
The Mediterranean Sea is not only situated between continents, but also acts as a historical and contemporary centre and border zone. The social, economic and political dynamics of this zone are complex and diverse. The port of İzmir is the biggest container port of turkey; with its central location between West Europe and North Africa and strong hinterland, it is not only the agricultural and commercial centre of Aegean Region but it also plays a very significant role for Turkish export products. The current container port reached its capacity; the construction of the new port is in conflict sensitive sea ground. How will Izmir act in the Mediterranean context? What does changing and shaping mean for the 1:1 everyday spaces and uses?

The investigation comprises different areas along the coastline analyzing existing conditions and future projections, utilizing small-scale phenomena, translating found conditions into large-scale landscape ecologies and envisioning urban changes. For more details also see

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