THE LAGOS URBAN RESEARCH GROUP – LURG.ORG is a global interdisciplinary research network and creative think tank for urban space with competence in urban research, urban design development and urbanism. With a background in architecture and urban design LURG is interested in the spatial impacts of globalization on the urban environment. LURG researches urban environments and is specialized in development of multifaceted strategic urban design solutions that contribute to the emergence of a diverse and plural urban landscape. With extensive initial research experience in Lagos, one of the fastest growing and complex cities worldwide the group has gained broad knowledge and understanding of inherent urban processes, urban networks and urban ecologies. Today LURG has comprehensive knowledge of cities and urban environments in Africa and Europe. LURG offers services in urban research, urban design, architecture, urban and cultural development and teaching.

LURG DETECTS, IDENTIFIES AND VISUALIZES inherent complex urban phenomena, dynamics and ecologies and gauges them as critical components in the development of a sustainable design process. Research is based on direct observations of urban fabrics.

LURG TEAMS UP INTERDISCIPLINARY and acts as a highly efficient collective of diverse organizations, institutions and individuals and operates in areas beyond the traditional boundaries of architecture. LURG establishes interdisciplinary collaborations to extend the scope of the architectural solution and to develop new strategies for future urban environments. LURG actively collaborates with specialists in the field of architecture, urbanism, urban planning, engineering, geography, sociology, political sciences, economy, marine ecology and environmental sciences.

LURG CREATES URBAN LINKAGES and creates urban and architectural design solutions which are deeply embedded in the existing urban landscape. LURG identifies and mediates prevalent urban ecologies to create plural and diverse urban environments. Corresponding to inherent urban ecologies and integrating different aspects and interests LURG develops strategic design solutions, using an interdisciplinary process, that establish urban interaction and perform within the complex conditions of a globalized environment.

ORIGIN. LURG has been founded by architect and urban researcher Gunnar Ploner in 2008 with the primarily task to gather information to back up his diploma thesis `Lagos – Towards an emergent ecological approach to urbanism in megacities of developing countries`. He has conducted direct observations of the urban fabric in Lagos. Since then LURG is progressively evolving and has developed into a global research collective widening its scope from the territory of Lagos. Through extended research and teaching activities LURG today offers comprehensive knowledge of urban environments in Africa and Europe and has competence in developing urban design solutions that are deeply embedded in the existing urban ecology to increase the site’s performance.

Gunnar Ploner

Lagos Urban Research Group LURG.ORG | Director

June, 2014

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